Yen-Yun Huang

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10.2000         Born in Taiwan

9.2019-2023        National Cheng Kung University
Dep. of Architecture

8.2023-2026        Pratt school of Architecture

Olivia Huang Projects

︎︎︎ Academic Project


︎︎︎ Competition

I. The Cloud of People

The presidential library is a piece of a floating cloud. It humbly reflects and displays the colors of its surroundings. It stores the dynamic collective memories of the nation without preconception. It provides shade while generously sparing the land with freedom below. Nevertheless, it will always be there as the cloud of the people and the collective memory of the island's history.

II. Suturing a Crack

These additions to the park replace the former banal line of bushes and fences along the street. The program of a washroom expanded to shape an open and dynamic civic place. The middle blocks of Gongyi road could be thus lit up and prosper, ready for a more energetic and enjoyable experience of this glamourous city.


III. The Valley

The interface symbolizes a new beginning. Even if they are not residents of these buildings, the runners can move around these staggered platforms (roofs, balconies) without any restriction, which provides us with a different perspective to reinterpret the roofs and walls of buildings. The interface initiates the activities of pedestrians (non-residents or those with a specific purpose). Not limited to our visual perception, these staggered terraces and high-building facades have become uncultivated natural landscapes for us as people think about crossing or avoiding these interfaces.


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“Unlike other art creations, photography must involve a certain degree of reality.

While this might appear as a form of confinement for artists who are more imaginative and creative, it is exactly what captivates me the most, because it allows me to connect my artwork with a specific time and space, forcing me to interpret the relationship between the physical space I am in and the meaning that it could entail.”

“Photography grounds my creativity to the context of the here and now, making it relevant to real-life, while also allowing me to express my perspectives.”